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Read more about our company, history and value

Futur Plast Sh.p.k. is a company estabilished in the 2006 from the initiative of Sen. Eng. Gjergj Duro. Futur Plast started

the activity making food and industrial packaging.  In its first phase of activity, the focus remained solely on the production of plastic bottles, as well as transparent color, of different dimensions. With this product was achieved a very high efficiency in the production process by automating the entire line.

Since its first steps Futurplast has invested in advanced technology for the production of a quality product and unique, being differentiated from other competitors in the albanian territory. We were the first in the packaging with IML technology in Albania, offering to our customers multiple products of high quality.

Focused on quality

Because we deliver quality products to our customerse


Our solutions withstand time and improve your business

Solve problem

Every our product comes as the needs of our customers,  with us your business problems will be solved

Customer come first

For us, our customers are first, because FuturPlast is any of you

Why cooperate with Futurplast?

With much dedication, we mainly operate in the entire territory of Albania. Futur Plast, has the leadership of the entire market in all the country. Constant contact with customers and the cooperation with them is a sustainable process in our DNA.

The power of the company consists in correctness, collaboration, workflow and discipline. Futur Plast introduced, thanks to the experience over the years and a perfect organization network, is able to withstand the domestic market based on the requirements of customers in a very short time.
Thanks to our strength, cooperation and a several years experience, we aspire to remain always the first on the market.